September 2005

… because you have nothing to say. 😛

Above, from the new camera phone

I often wondered what it would be like to be stuck in bed ill for an entire weekend. Now I know. Friday I left work with a sever sinus headache, and went home. Monique and I stepped out for a bite to eat for a while when I became much more ill. My head filled up with goo and I was lightheaded. I’ll spare you with the gruesome details. So on Saturday I slated an afternoon of make more beer for an upcoming party that Monique, Keith and I are throwing for Dawn and John-Paul. That was canned as Saturday I awoke to the sounds of my lungs filled with more goo. I despise being sick. I stayed in bed literally all day and night. Slept through the evening and replayed the same song on Sunday. I accomplished nothing this weekend. My lawn is about 2 inches high and I am missing the weed and feed season if I do not get out there and fertilize!

From the deck My haunted basement

This is for a 10 gallon batch of a brew I made last Saturday. I found the recipe on the BrewBoard. Cheers TexanBrew!

16lbs Pale Malt American 2L
2lbs Flaked Barley
2lbs Flaked Maize
2lbs CaraVienne Belgium

1.5oz Perle 60min
1oz Northern Brewer 30min
.5oz Perle 15min
1oz Northern Brewer 0min

I used 2 yeasts here. Safale-US56 and Nottingham Dry

Grains Sparging Mash Tun

mash Tun The patio Fermentation

And the pursuit of happiness. Well at least I thought that’s what it meant to me when I read John Locke who wrote “Life, Liberty, and Property.” Then why the fuck are they “removing” these people from their homes in Louisiana? I saw on the news this morning that some guy, a lawyer who had a S Class Mercedes in his driveway, was being forced to leave his home, mansion. He was irate and said that he would use “Excessive” force if necessary. I believe the words were “I have to be dead in order to leave here.” I can not imagine what it would be like to have this happen to me, then some authority figure come to my place and tell me to just get up and leave what I have been working so hard for. That has to be miserable.

On the brighter side, from Joey:

Merk on the Mississippi

My aunt and her boyfriend (common law husband) own a beautiful piece of property on the lake (Erie) in Canada. A small town called Leemington, which is almost directly across Lake Erie from Cleveland’s coast. It was absolutely a great weekend. Sun, water, cards, and beer. I relaxed for 3 days on a deck and it felt fantastic. I especially enjoyed being with my family. Chris, Amber, their lovely dog Sydney, and the DLW and I enjoyed Saturday through Monday afternoon doing nothing! Back to work. 🙁

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