November 2005

We have a new member of our family! On Saturday we finally met our new son, an 11 week old Boxer from southern Ohio. His name is Sir Barley Gambrinus, Lord of Ales. Barley for short. We are so delighted to add a little fellow to our family. He is doing well, and we are working with him on housebreaking. He has had only one accident, due to my poor judgment– I forgot to take him out after he had a long nap! But for just 4 days, he has had only one! He can also sit, and “come.” I updated the site with images of his first day.

Ok, so it appears that I did not pay my bill. Well in my defense, I inadvertently removed my credit card info from my host and forgot to update it when the account renews annualy. To make matters worse, the email address for my webhost was my Kent State email address. So guess what happens? Yep, I get sent to the principal’s office with no recess! My email will go back up soon. Sorry about that. Me? I have been brewing and working like crazy. Going back to Minneapolis next week so that should be fun.