Proud parents we are. The DLB and I spent Tuesday evenings at the Cleveland All Breeds Training center learning how to become better parents. We are having a blast and Sir Barley is doing extremely well. He even has a little girlfriend named “Ginger” who is a 15 week old Boxer puppy. Currently we are enrolled in Puppy I class. Once we graduate from there, its on to Household, then Good Canine Citizen. This is good for several reasons. First, I would like Sir Barley to have more opportunities to socialize with well behaved dogs on a regular basis, and second, I have some interest in perusing a new hobby of AKC obedience and agility trials. Whenever I speak to someone who is involved in this, including my pops who did this in the 70’s, they tell me that their relationship with their dog is on such a higher level. It is almost as if you both work together. We’ll see where it goes, but so far I would like to be around that more often. And I have to say, it is taking me away from making beer, which is much better on the gut! 😉

I took some more pictures and I also have been working on an Xmas card. Watch for yours if I have your address!