January 2006

So I had this revelation. Been hanging out with the guys lately and throwing back way too many brews. Not good for the belly, not good for the soul. I need to get into something else that is positive in my life. Tea! I love tea. Since my travels to the far east, and times of being a vegetarian I realized that I drink tea often. Mostly green and white teas. I am not really into black (red) teas as much but will never pass one when offered. The thing about white teas, and I have known this for years, is that this is a true product from nature. It is picked ripe and dried no roasting, no fermentation and no aging. Recently there has been hype on this tea making it as good as if not better than green tea. More antioxidants, more vitamins and more anti-aging characteristics. And it is very delicate and sweet. Great for after dinner.

The last time I was in China, I was served Pu-Erh tea often. I really liked the taste and aroma. I never picked any up because I thought this was a black tea*. When I began to read about this tea thanks to Dawn who drinks 2 pots of this a day. She explained to me that it reduces weight and curbs her appetite (not that she needs to! ;)). After reading some more about this tea, I tried it myself. Great stuff! Very soil-ly tasting. Earth. Bark. Tobacco. But light. I read that this teas has low caffeine, as much as green, but not as light as white tea which has the least of the caffeine.

My father was in Hong Kong last week so I called him and asked him to bring me back a cake of Pu-Erh tea. He brought back 2 cakes of Aged 2001 Pu-Erh tea stuffed in a Pomelo skin. Kind of a Chinese grapefruit. So far I am not sure that I like this tea as it smells like tobacco and seems a bit old. Not aged. I broke some of this off and put in my strainer and let steep for 5 breaths. This is what I was instructed to do by the tea lady in Hong Kong. It was extremely light, almost like hot water. Was not what I expected. Here I thought that it was going to be very dark and earthy tasting. It was a nice light taste, but not “all that.” Here are some pics of the cake and label.

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*I like black teas, but they are really high in caffeine and make me feel weird in my belly. Almost like a low blood sugar feel.

Wrapping up the last 2 months is a bit much. Wow. I can not believe how lazy I have been with the site. Well, I am sure that you have no problem telling me this, but I should be making more of an effort. Here is a synopsis of the last memorable events: (not in any order)

  • Puppy class went well. Barley finished 2nd to another Boxer! Boxers Rule!
  • Brigitte and Joe threw an amazing Christmas Eve dinner party. Thanks guys for thinking of us as part of the family. We love you!
  • Our holiday cocktail party was crazy. 45+ people in our house. Lots of food, and drinks Hope you all enjoyed it.
  • We had a great Christmas with our family. My father’s 60h birthday party was grand. Happy B day dad!
  • Amber and Chris treated us all to a great Filet Dinner on NYE! Thanks guys!
  • We had an amazing meal at Johnny’s on Fulton on the 30th.
  • Ed threw a great New Years Eve Party.
  • Missed Pete, Paul, Tina, Barb’s bash last Saturday. Sorry guys. We miss you so much!
  • Edel is doing well in upper Michigan. Someone please buy her house so she can come home to Cleveland, we miss you Edel!
  • Barley did exceptionally well at the boarders Inn the Dog House He is getting so social!!!
  • My nephew is getting so big!

Ok, now on to the pictures!