February 2006

So last night I was enjoying dinner with my wife. We cleaned up after supper and sat down to watch the snowboarding event at the Olympics when I flet a little tickle in my head. I went upstairs to blow my nose. Went into the bathroom, grabbed a tissue and blew. Within a second I realised that I was holding a handful of blood. I pinched like you are supposed to, and it would not stop. Almost 2 hours later, I decided to go to the hospital. They pushed a 7inch balloon in my nose to stop the bleeding. I went home at 2am. It is noon now and I still have this thing in my nose. I think this is serious.


We recently discovered what it is like to have an ill child. It sucks. So $80 later and the little shit is on to getting better. He has conjunctivitis, and sinusitis. He must have gotten it from another dog at some point. Poor little fella. He seems to be doing better after we began antibiotics. His little immune system was to delicate for him to get well on his own.

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