March 2006

I made my first Hoegaarden clone. So far smells great and took off almost 8 hours after pitching.

Ingredients: 9lbs German Pilsner Malt (no Belgina on hand) 9lbs Wheat malt (Briess, :() 2oz Hallertauer 4.6% AAU 1oz Corriander 1oz Bitter ornage peel

White Labs 400 Yeast

Single infusion mash at 152deg. for 95min. Mash out with 180deg water to raise temps to 168 or so. Stuck sparge! 🙁 Runnings to make 11gallons. Boiled for 60min with 1 hop addition at the beginning of the boil. Last 15 min I tossed in the spices and forgot to grind the corriander, oh well. Cooled to 80degrees and pitched a big starter. Took off in less than 8 hours. I will keg this in 7 days or so. Looking for a target gravity of 1.010 or less.

OG: 1.056 (a bit high, may cut back on the extra pound of Pilsner or wheat.)

Due to complications with arrangements, my show has been cancelled by the curator.

Nothing really to say here. I am very disappointed in this decision but I use this as an opportunity to move to another location. Watch this space for further updates. In the meantime, if you are interested in seeing some of the work that has been completed; stop by and have a pint.

Today is my birthday and I awoke to a great breakfast in bed. Let me tell you that I have a great wife. She made me breakfast in bed because I cook for her all the time. She really hates to cook, so I take on that responsibility and for my birthday she awoke early just to make me a great morning meal. Later this morning, I had a few phone calls from my stepmother-in-law Edel who sung Happy Birthday to me in German. So sweet. My cousin Lisa called me and we caught up. She listened to me complain about my upcoming show because it was shortened due to some scheduling conflicts. But she is going to make the opening; she lives in Michigan so that was real sweet of her. Anna my step-auntie called me as well wishing me a happy day as well. When I got into work, I had several IM’s and emails wishing me a great day as well. What a great way to start my 34th year on this planet. Thanks to all of you who carved out some time in your day to wish me a happy birthday. It really means a lot to me. Oh, and to Steven who messaged me at 12am this morning to wish me first. Cheers!

I posted my artist statement last week on the Gallery 1300 website to promote my upcoming show. Some of you have had conversations with me about how confusing my statement is. I can agree with your confusion. The purpose for my statement was to gain interest, promote, and cause intrigue with this show. I have been working on this for several months now and have been working diligently on making this a reality. A statement at this point is just a teaser. If I was extremely literal with my statement, I believe there would be no interest in actually seeing the show. Some of you may require me to use such language as “I painted 10 pieces. I used Mixed Media. I am making a show about a family. I want to demonstrate how families (from an outsider’s perspective) sometimes seem perfect until you actually become a part of that family.” But I didn’t. Here is my statement. I added comments because it seems some of you need to be fed a bit. 😉

“Spawning from somewhere and someone; yet failing to feel connected.” As many of you know, I am adopted. Spawning from somewhere. Being a part of a “foreign family,” wouldn’t it seem obvious for my need of connection?

“The subtle surface transparencies plague the family unit and boundaries surrounding each member are strengthened.” On the “surface” many families seem better than the family you are in. I constantly hear people say, “they are such a close family” or “What a perfect family.” I disagree. As you move closer into that family, they are just as dysfunctional as everyone else.

“This exhibit utilizes paints and mixed media to represent these characters. Using the gallery walls as a home for this family, the artist transplants the observer within the role of the storyteller. From a distance all appears normal but as the proximity to each individual increases perceived distortions are revealed.” I hope you can understand that this is a prelude to the show. You can not possibly understand this unless you are physically there. This is a statement for the solution to my problem which is to allow the viewer to stand at a distance and see the normalcy of a family. As the viewer walks closer to the work, they see the internal structure of that family.

Look. This is an art show. I am a designer. Did you think I was going to be that literal with my statement? Come on. It’s art. 😀

Friday evening we spent the evening tasting Buckeye Brewing’s Real ales out on the east side. Was a great time and I ran into the SNOBS. I forgot how much I enjoy tasting real ales–beer that is fermented but not really carbonated. Pulled right from the keg with gravity or a pump, not a tap or with CO2.

Saturday we hosted our first ever Belgian Biere Tasting. 38 bottles, 750mL each=28,500 mL. Plus 2 6 packs! We had a great turnout, about 25 people. Everyone brought fantastic brews for everyone to taste. Some of the more memorable ones were an 8year old bottle of Unibroue Terrible 10, New Glarious Kriek, Rodenbach Flemish Sour Ale. Thanks to all that showed up and brought something. This is an ongoing event. I think next we will do specific breweries, or pick one style. Belgians are all over the place and after a while it seemed I was drinking so many flavors that they started to meld. I think the best part of the evening was when Ed staggered into the kitchen and began to speak. He spoke in tongues and we had no idea what he was trying to say, but it seemed extremely important to him. He was still in the ‘hurt’ locker on Monday. Poor guy. I added pics from this weekend. There is a picture of Barley getting a 2 lbs marrow bone for his 6 month old birthday on Saturday.

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