April 2006

Seems to be a ton of dialogue to the last post. Let me make an addendum so I don’t appear so “narcissistic.”

The KSU VCD program is about 40 some years old and is regarded one of the top schools in the visual communication community. Every year the faculty throws parties, reviews, summer workshops, and other events that involve students and a network of alum. For almost 6 years now, I seemed to have fallen through the cracks (which I will take 50% of the blame for not sniffing out these events). This is just strange to me since I was in that program for almost 6 years and could not believe how many people are still in that community; even after 40 years. I have met through these events many decorated alum within the design community. We seem to be a tight crowd. Today, I still am in touch [on a daily basis] with at least 20 of my colleagues.

I also wanted to point out that it was almost 30 minutes after I made that post I was contacted by two of my professors who apologized for not having current data on me, and one who invited me to a special event which is upcoming. Yeah, I was pretty embarrassed. :-[

revised 12-4-2009

We’ll I’ve done it again. I spoke without thinking, and used my emotions instead of my reasoning. Several years ago, I wrote this blog post because I was reacting to some news I had heard that a former professor of mine was retiring and there was going to be a gathering to honor him.There was an official announcement within the community of which I thought I had subscribed to, but I heard nothing.

My [public] banter once again gets a foot in my mouth and egg on my face. For that I apologize. I am not sure what my intention was on that day I wrote the ramblings, but I can assume that my intent was to stir the pot a bit. Well almost 4 years later it has. This post has surfaced as the #2 result on Google for my Alma Mater. Oops.

Changing this post is not a surrender for the way I felt years ago but it is my responsibility and service to that community. Leaving negative writing here for all to read about a school that gave a great service to me and my colleagues is not the way I would like to be remembered. The school has provided a great service to me; they held up their end of the deal. My responsibility should be to get more involved and help guide others to experience the same. Assuming that my school was going to pick up the phone and contact me when every event takes place is just un realistic– that’s my responsibility. Note to self: “Get off your duff and lend a hand!”

As for the broken link and listing graduates by ‘cool-ness status’; that was pretty lame. I forgive you. Heh.

It’s official, I am extremely disappointed with [explicative deleted]. I graduated in 2000 with my BFA in Visual Communication Design with a dual major in Fine Art Photo. Since I walked down that path to grab my 6+ year certificate that entitles me to a career in design, I have heard nothing from my department. I hear about parties, portfolio reviews, gatherings and educational prospects; but not from ANY of my faculty. This is truly sad that a program with such high standards and accolades can let someone fall through the cracks. Since I left, I have had a broken link listed on the alum page (which is btw, is organized by “rock-star status” and not alphabetically or even chronologically!?), I missed at least 6 (that I know of) portfolio reviews/student shows and missed several design Summer Programs. I have had it. I’m out. Good bye [explicative deleted]. You show not respect for me, I will do the same.

It was pretty strange seeing my dogs siblings on my screen yesterday.

We have been going back and fourth about getting another boxer because Barley loves to be social with other dogs and lately we have been noticing that he wants more attention. We have been in touch with Barley’s mum’s owner about taking one of the two girls left over. The past few weeks I have been taking him to the park to run with me. He is pretty good with it. We run about two miles and then walk another two. One would think that after about a half and hour would put this dog to sleep for the rest of the evening, but no. He is still wound up as ever. I thought, take him for a five kilometer run, but running with a dog is not the same. So I am back to where I started. Is my dog getting bored with us?

So this morning was the scariest morning I have had in a while. Barley needed to be rushed to the hospital.

I was making some coffee, which I never really drink; but for some reason I was craving coffee. I fed the dog and turned my back as I ground some beans. Suddenly I see my dog circling near the kitchen rug, and then collapse. He looked up at me with “devil” eyes. I saw that his food un eaten and a few kibbles on the floor near him. My first thought was that he was choking, but he had no food in his mouth. He stood up on all fours, but was a rock. I tried to coax him to walk near the kitchen door since he has been a bit sick and has tossed up his food once or twice. When I walked around to his backside, I could see that his back was arched in such a fashion I have never seen before.

“Barley! Come!” I yelled.


He stood there and I tried to move him, but he was so stiff and looking at me as if I was his prey. It was not anger, it was fear. He was bloating. I yelled up to Monique to get her coat and lets go to the Emergency Animal Hospital. I called to find out what to do in this case. When I did, Monique saw that his chest and ribs were inflated. He was showing signs of “Bloat” which is a serious condition of barrel-shaped torso dogs.

The hospital asked me to check his gums. They were white and bluish. They said to get to the hospital immediately.

So we did. I had my Jeep up to 100+ MPH on i-90. We made it to Westlake in 10 minutes. When we got to the hospital, he was looking normal in the abdomen, but his lips were still white. We rushed him in. They checked him out and could not conclude that he had bloat. The vet said that carrying him and driving him may have reversed the torsion. They took X-Rays, and blood. They think he may have had a seizure. He was let down to the floor and he began to “kidney-bean,” the happy-circle-dance. This meant that he was going to be ok. For now. Phew!

What do you smoke?