September 2006

Ok, it’s not so happy, but I am pretty sure that the camera is officially broken. I took it along with me to Oktoberfest to see what I can do with it. It seems to have a difficult time focusing and using proper white balance, not to mention that there are now at least 4 stuck pixels that impare the image just enough to make me pissed.

Dan Praying to Warsteiner in 2003OKTOBERFEST! Tomorrow is Oktoberfest and this year’s celebration is for more than just the beer! We are celebrating the fact that Edel my mother-in-law is finally living back in Cleveland. We are very excited to spend more time with her. She bought a great home in West Park and it is not that far from us. We will be taking her to Oktoberfest at Deutsche Zentrale this Saturday.

This will also be a nice time as I am finally wearing Pappas bundhosen and leather vest from Austria. And I am honored to wear this as I now know that I am of Bavarian descent. Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalt’s! (God save Hops and Malt!) Ein Prosit!

Barley in film