October 2006

Our original costumes were going to be hilarious. Monique would dress as Caesar Milan the Dog Whisperer, and I the rehab dog. But she was concerned that dressing up as a man was embarrassing so she opted as a cat. I still wore the dog costume. We had a nice time at Alys’s place but since I did not have any pockets in my costume, I was not able to bring the camera. 🙁

Kitty and Dog Dog Kitty and Dog

Spent last Saturday with family and friends at Ohio’s finest wineries. I had some actually good wines. I remember an “aCab” and a blend that I liked. One thing I did not like about those wines were the fresh grape smells. It was strange, I had a Cab Franc and some other red blend. Although they were oak-ey and a bit sour, they had this awesome fresh grape smell; but that is not inherent in that style of wine. Overall I had a great time. Great friends, great family. Thanks to my cousins Charisse and Chris for inviting us!

Be sure to check out the pics here.