Well we took a day trip to Columbus, Oh to visit the OSU Animal Hospital. We drove in some pretty bad weather and the drive took about 3 hours to get there. It was totally worth it. At 9:30 Thursday morning we left him with a cardiologist who performed a bunch of tests on him. We spent the late morning shopping, and had lunch with an old pal Jeff. At 1:30 we arrived back at the hospital and there we were greeted by our healthy little puppy! Barley is going to be ok! He does indeed have an aortic stenosis, however it is not caused by a disease. They graded it a 3 our of 6 which in his case at the age he is, its a concern. They told us there is no treatment needed and we do not have to adjust his activities! (We are signing up for more obedience classes and then on to agility.) We were given a bunch of information about his condition, but he will live a “long and happy life.” According to the cardiologist.

Thanks to all of you who cared. Yes, even those cat people. Speaking of cats, Oliver is very pleased to hear that B is doing well. So much that he has been hiding in the basement with me as I have been re finishing it. You’ll see it this year at our annual holiday party!