January 2007

I crush Bozo cover No joke. I think it was almost 15 years ago when my friend John, Steven, and Waz introduced me to a badn that I will never forget– The Happy Flowers. Even though it was created as a spin off band, it for some reason meant so much to me. I used to listen really loudly in my car on the way to school in the morning, and sometimes in headphones in between classes. For many years now, those memories of that music would pop in my head like the other day when I was driving to work and could not stop thinking about the line “MOM STOP THE CAR. PAUL’S LOST HIS HEAD” and “I WANT AN UN-HAPPY MEAL. IF I WANTED A TOY, I’D JUST BUY ONE; BESIDES I’D RATHER HAVE A WEAPON.” Priceless stuff. Anyway, this morning I was hit on IM from John and Steven whom I still stay in touch with. They sent me this link:


Apparently someone in our military uses this great music to torture the Iraqis. Insaine. That is all I can say.

Grains in the tun So Ed, Chris and I busted out the new rig and put together a new deal on brewing for the new year. We made a dry stout. I added pictures to the photography section of the site. Speaking of “Site”, my site is going through some changes, and I apologize for any issues you may be experiencing. Just float with me and I will take you to places that you have never been. Heh, kidding. Check it. Lots of photo updates.

Closeup of my kegerator It seems to me that every other week I write some tragic story about my life. On the reading side of this scenario, it must be a real downer from the days I would come home from work, work out, and then dash off to the local pub to catch a pint of ale. Well its like this. I am very happily married living in Cleveland with my dreamy little wife, my dog and cats. Life is pretty simple for me. I get up, work out, go to work, and then come home and tear down something or fix something. I enjoy it.

How was my holiday? It was awesome. I attended midnight mass with my wife and her step mother at St. Ignatius. Before that we had a nice dinner and opened presents at my parents home with my family. We gave some and received some really nice gifts– I GOT A NAIL GUN AND COMPRESSOR! I can not believe it. I am really enjoying these home projects, and now I have most of the correct tools necessary to make a project look pro. Speaking of, I re modeled my basement. It took almost 3 weeks, but last night I was hanging out in it having a beer with Dreamy. Inspiration– that grandmothers basement you all know and love. 60’s kitsch. I have no real furniture as of now, but this will be the place to house all the stuff I can collect again. I am disappointed that the wall color is so peachy, but hell, its a basement! Since I was not smart enough to take any good “Before” pics, I can only supply you with this before picture taken a few years ago. Tomorrow I will take a bunch of “After” pictures. Bring on the wall art!!