February 2007

134-stella.jpg Please meet our newest member of our family, Miss Stella Diva. We call her Stella, and she is the streetcar named desire! She is so adorable. We adopted her from Lighthouse Boxer Rescue Sunday February 25th. We had been approved by their enriched application process back in November and we had been waiting for the right puppy to fit within our family. We met her a month ago and we scheduled a pickup at a local PetSmart where they were doing a meet and greet. Her sister Kyra is still available and she is a pistol! Barley was introduced to his new baby sister and they hit it off so well. There are pictures in the photo section, check them out!

I remember as a kid being snowed in for a few days on Cleveland’s west side. I believe that was in 1977. Well this year I will remember 2007 as being a slight blizzard. Here is what I awoke to this morning. Also note that last night on the way home, it took me 45 minutes to get from E 36th to E9th in any direction. I was able to meet up with the dreamy little one at the Galleria and we abandoned our cars to have dinner and wait out the snowfall. This morning I was stuck in the street so I stayed home from work. I used my time wisely and helped out many neighbors with snowblowing.

Snow up to the door Snow up to my waist Notice the snowblower is below the snow

Honestly my 4x4 was stuck!