Tamed my first pet in Dun Morugh

What have I been up to? Oh, man! So much has been going on in this little life of mine. I have been reading about my past and found some very interesting lore of my lineage. I am a son of a pirate. My father was great thief of The Great Seas, an admiral of the darkest waters of Azeroth. He met my mother in the Harbot of Menethil where he fell in love. They gave birth to me in the south near the Gates of Algatz near the large guard post and settled in a small village called Thelesmar.

We lived there until I was 3. My father built a small cottage off the shore of the loch, in Loch Modan. The weather was peaceful with plenty of beauty in the air. Sometimes my father would head out to hunt boars, bears and large Woodlurker spiders. I was told that my father was asked to join the Alliance and hold an army of mutant Gnomes who took over Gnomereagon. He set out for Dun Morugh where we stayed in an Inn in Koronos. My father never came back. We stayed there until I was 20.

Sitting near the river in Elwood Forest

When I was old enough to learn that my father was never coming back, I began to learn how to hunt. I learned from Einris Brightspear who taught me how to tame wild beasts. I tamed a Black Bear who now lives with me in Darkshire. Lately we have been smashing Undead near Ravenwood Cemetery.

Killing The Undead in Duskwood

I smashed some Murlock that got in my way

I always find time to pray to our gods.