May 2007

Congratulations to Monique for completing her undergraduate degree. She graduated with honors (Magna cum Laude)! Nice going Dreamy!

Monique and her step mom Looking Dreamy In front of her school

Looking for her Dreamy and a classmate Getting her degree, she was first.

Monique and her step mom Gina and Monique Stan her brother n law

Her sister The medal

Ed and I had a nice brew session a few weeks ago. I would have posted these images sooner, but my camera is back on the fritz. Here are some images from that day.

Mashing a cream ale Brew dogs My hops 2nd year

Back yard before the yardwork The brew rig I have some friends living in my back yard

Ed Me Vorlauf

Barley helping Taking a nap in the yard.

Monique and I decided to begin riding our bikes to work from now on; weather permitting. With gas prices near our house rising well above $3, it seems that we should save some cash and some ozone. This morning I ate a nice bowl of Fiber One cereal, loaded up the bike, put the kids in the crate and left at a quarter to 9am. I arrived at work around 9:20am. Sweaty as hell, I was able to clean up before 9:30am and begin checking emails. My ass hurts, and my legs are jelly but was a great wake me up. I think I can get into this. The only thing now is to get a new bike, this mountain off road bike suxor for riding in the big city. I have my eyes on a Bianchi Pista, a fixed gear bike. We’ll see if dreamy will let me buy one.

Oh man, I just found this one. Giant Bowery. Me gotta have.

I used the same recipe using my original mother starter, the liquid one. I am in day 6 with the recipe below using a firm starter. I will up date that later. Meanwhile, check out this loaf I made last night. I started it on Sunday and baked it Monday night. The crust is perfect.

Final loaf Close up