Lets have a moment of silence.

An end of an era.

Today marked the final leg of this era– NIKON era. My Nikon Coolpix4500 has been finally put to sleep. I suppose it was about time; over a few months ago I lost the button that was used to snap a picture. I replaced it with a shinny brass thumb tack, several times. I applied tape to keep it in check. Next the entire power button housing completely came off. This was traumatic as I could not even start the camera up. So I glued it back in place ant then when it dried, I could no longer turn the camera on. I was so saddened. I needed a camera to shoot pictures for the Dlb’s graduation party, as I was pulling it out of the case this frozen button came completely off and exposed the connectors to turn it on. I found a paper clip and used that to trigger the camera on. It worked for a few more images and then that is when I struggled with the concept to invest (read INVEST) into a digital SLR. I was so pleased when I got the ok from the dlb (she is sooo supportive of my creativity). I began looking for a camera. Last week I narrowed it down to a Canon EOD 30D. This camera does everything I need it to and even though its an 8.2MP, its an SLR! (8.2MP with a Canon CMOS is completely different than a 10-12MP camera with a CCD or a point and shoot; think film size, its all about the size of the CCD/CMOS) I have not used a real SLR camera in over 7 years. The last time I really used one was when we rented a 20D and a D2x from the local commercial camera shop.

Yesterday my package came and I could not think straight. I was sweating all day waiting to come home and bust it out of the box. I was so excited! This was my first real big camera investment since the purchase of my 4×5 9 years ago. I was able to get a nice price on it with a nice lens. This kit came with a lens hood, and a 2GB card (133x). Image #1 with this camera was of Dreamy; it had to be. She is my inspiration.

The first image with the camera.

The sad Nikon

This image was what the Nikon looked like this morning. It was so banged up from over 5 years of images. Just today I noticed that I took over 5K images with this camera. Here is a close up of the button that was broke; notice that I had to make sure the contacts were in the right spot to take a picture.

The sad Nikon

The sad Nikon

My new camera

Here is a picture of me, the last picture this camera took. And here is me with the new camera. Follow the Photography link at the top to see the first few images I took last night before sun down. This weekend I am bringing home some of my studio lights and having some fun with them.

Welcome to the new era of DanMerk.com!