Who would have thunk it?

That’s correct. I think I always knew that my father’s side of the family must have been much larger than I thought, but there was nothing to confirm it until last Saturday. Thanks to a cousin on my father’s side, and my stepmother’s great correspondence we were invited to send off a 2nd cousin of mine at a going away party. Rachel Merk was heading off to New York to take on a career as a super IT manager. Good luck to her! Her mother, Christina and her father Chris were both Merks. My grandfather had several brothers and one sister. I knew there were some other Merks floating around but not that many! We had a great time hanging out in Richfield on Saturday. Monique and I were able to meet the spitting image of my grandfather; his brother Ralph. I could not believe how much Ralph reminds me of my late ‘Gramps. That Merk family was very warm to us all. Great hospitality and it just felt like I was a part of their family. Great times!

Oh, and best of all, I have a cousin named Daniel Merk. How awesome was that?! Some pics are here and here at my Flickr account.