Sunday I made a loaf of sourdough bread, gazpacho, and pickled all my peppers. All the produce except the carrots and onions were from the garden. Pictured is a basket of eggplants and a few red cabbages; those i grew as well. I had to relax with one of my home brews; a Rye Pale Ale dryhopped with Northern Brewer. So nice. Pickles were a month ago, and I messed up the brine once again–too much salt! 🙁 Hit me with an email and I can give you my recipe.

Eggplants and pcabbages Washing peppers, making gazpacho This is only half of my pickings

My cutting area My little helpers Hot carrots

Banana peppers 6 jars, not bad My bread

Rye India Pale Ale