September 2007

I have been living at my house for 3 years now without a real work space. My office has been through some changes but never been accommodating to me working in comfort. Until now. I was given the ok to spend $200 to get as much as I could to make my work environment suitable for me to work in and create new art. Below is a new desk, pen cups, file cabinets, and a trash can. Heh, I never had a trash can in any workspace I ever owned. I still need to make window treatments, get a rug and clean up all the spaghetti (wires) under the desk. I may even frost the glass.

My new workspace My new workspace My new workspace

I have been shooting like crazy these days. I got hired to shoot a ton of product shots and it forced me to get my studio together once again and clean the basement up a bit. I scheduled a photoshoot last night and when I was ready to wrap things up, my two crazy furkids wanted their picture taken. Really. This is pretty much all them, I had to put them on the table, but after that, they did all the acting.

Barley + Stella

I posted a bunch of pictures of Labor Day weekend. Highlights include, a 17mm lens I rented this weekend. Lots of wide angles. Picnic at the Merks. We visited to the Memphis Sausage Shop and picked up a bunch of great meats for grilling! Then the Air Show. Take a look.