October 2007

Thanks to Pete, Whitney and Mark for throwing a great party for all the dogs this year. What a great time. I took DLBs camera and took some snapshots of the kids. Stella was Wonder Woman, and Barley was Snoop Dogg.

Barley Stella Together

barley Stella Stella

Coming home Being Bashful Hanging on to Uncle Ed

Dublin Mark and Ed Monique and Mark

Leash time Getting things under control The Callahans

Ed Stella and Barley

All I have to say is wow. I have been to the Outer Banks before, but for some reason as I get older in life I look forward to sun and doing nothing. I actually relaxed for 10 days in the hot and sunny coast of North Carolina. We had a great time with the gang and it went so smoothly, we plan on doing it every year. I did not take as many pictures as I wanted to, though I did not do much sight seeing as I planned. Below are just a few pictures I took that I ran through my lightroom at home. I plan on printing the panorama and the lighthouse close up.

Duck Beach from our house

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Duck Beach from our house Cape Hatteras Lighthouse