January 2008

DLW had some points to burn and we needed a ladder. Result = Little Giant 1A with work platform. All I have to say is that I am now a believer. This ladder albeit heavy as fully grown sheep, is one of the best working tools I own.

Pictured below is 1 piece of drywall I hung on Sat thanks to Ed and Chad. I can not believe how heavy green board is. It’s a mold and water resistant surface for walls. You have to use this around water in a room. Also pictured was the cut and install of the vent ductwork and wall cap. I used vent HVAC tape, the metal stuff not duct tape. They are not the same thing. Actually duct tape is not for heating and cooling. Google it. I was really stoked about the way I secured the vent to the joists– electrical wire zip ties. It was so cold for me to caulk and install the screws on the wall cap, so I am saving for another day. Slightly warmer than 24 F deg!

First wall board

The ladder Wrapping the wall cap with vent tape, not duct tape. Yep cold.

Run of the duct Close up of zip ties Yes I insulated, you will make noise I do not want to hear.

Beginning to feel as if I am getting somewhere with this project. Chris, Ed and I hung (some) of the drywall on Saturday. Was pretty smooth except for a few odd spaces. Tonight DLB and I are going to hang drywall in the bathroom now that I was able to create a nice clean path for 3″ of ducting for the bathroom. I will still need to cut the outside of the aluminum siding this weekend and cut a 4″ hole for the vent cover. Looking forward to that. Here are some images of the progress. I still can not find time to shoot pics of us actually working, but this is at least what we have been up to. I also want to show the final concrete pour and the drainage for the bathroom. Its pretty impressive. I still sit back and amaze myself. This is the first house I ever lived in, so I have no idea where this energy and understanding comes from…

Hallway Ceiling detail Drywall

Keeping that plaster wall Detail of framing Vent for plumbing and vent for air fan

Image of the electrical Looking in the door

This is just a quick sketch I did of what we are thinking with respect to color and shape of the room as we get closer to completion.  The first image is what is there now. We removed a door that was built in the way of the upstairs landing. I have no idea why the home owner did this, but its the way it is. We were thinking of using clay tile and covering that up with a decorative “Established” date of some sort as tribute to the character of the house. I am looking for places where I can either fire my own tile or have someone make it. The door Color Idea

Well I took a week off of work last week to get as much as I can get done. Monday was a wash since it was New Years Eve, Tuesday was NYD so couldn’t do anything then, but Wednesday was mad plumbers crack. I awoke around 7am, went to McDonalds to get some coffee and some crappy morning sandwhich.Why you ask? Well every construction site should have piles of empty McD’s coffee cups lying around. Came home around 9am after a hike over to Lowe’s to pick up some more copper fittings and went to work. I was able to rough in all the inlet pipes for the half bath. I tested it finally on Saturday and no leaks. There are some spots that a pro would know right away that I was not trained a pro, but I would like to think I have more skills than the average “handyman.”

I was able to take all our building materials to the dump and clean out the garage. I ripped out all the scratchy paneling. Scratchy because the previous homeowners had this great idea to take ceiling texture plaster kits and stucco the walls and try to cover up the paneling. When this hardened they realized that if you bumped your elbows, knuckles or knees up against it you would have a horrid open wound that would bleed for days. So that’s all gone now! This revelaed that there was some plaster on those walls and I will take it back to the original look of flat smooth walls.

On Saturday I removed all the excess electrical outlets and switches that were old and knob and tube from the kitchen wall adjacent to the bathroom and clean all that up. I am running new light switches and lights for the hallway tonight. I’ll be sure to take some picks there too.

View looking inside bathroom from exposed walls Entrance to house, used to be paneling Other view of entrance

Looking down towards where toilet will be Close up of bathroom flooring Close up of room before plumbing

Roughed inlet lines for sink Behind wall for inlets Inlet for toilet under flooring