February 2008

I had to remove the 2″ galvanized lead pipe from my kitchen drain to change over to PVC. When I opened the wall, I saw that 1. the plumber never vented the pipe and 2. it was reduced from 2″ to 1.25″ pipe. This constricts even more airflow and could cause slow drainage. Weird. So I cut it with my angle grinder and capped it with a Fernco Pipe cap and we are going to abandon it. I will run new PVC up to it from the vented lav run that I did back in November. We had a friend of ours refer us to a professional taper. He finishes drywall for the union and let me tell you he is amazing. The ceiling went up Sunday and I can almost paint on Sat. He is waiting for me to hang the rest of the drywall later today. Its really coming together so fast!

134-99.jpg 134-100.jpg 134-101.jpg

134-102.jpg 134-103.jpg 134-104.jpg

134-105.jpg 134-106.jpg 134-107.jpg

After a weekend of wrist crumbling work, we have a ceiling. Dreamy was able to take care of life for me while I help hang a ceiling with a hired hand. This guy was an ace, we had the ceiling up in 4 hours. We had our electrician friend wire a new panel giving us 15 more circuits. I took the opportunity to re wire about 80% of the house this past weekend. It feels great knowing I have a ground now. Tonight he tapes and gets us going on the bathroom. I really hope to get a floor done in a week. I think its possible. 134-90.jpg 134-91.jpg 134-92.jpg

134-93.jpg 134-94.jpg 134-95.jpg

134-96.jpg 134-97.jpg 134-98.jpg

Wiring = pwNED! I re wired pretty much my 1st floor with shiny new 12/2 wire. Getting ready to close up those studs with new drywall. Happening very soon.

134-81.jpg 134-82.jpg 134-83.jpg

134-84.jpg 134-85.jpg 134-86.jpg

134-87.jpg 134-88.jpg 134-89.jpg

134-90.jpg 134-01.jpg 134-02.jpg

Saturday Chris and Ed helped me a ton and we were able to complete the rough carpentry. We built the ceiling, the east wall, and the west wall was “furred” up to accept drywall. I also fixed the floor and leveled it up a bit with some 3/4in particle board. I installed more recessed lighting and will begin all the wiring this week. I am hoping to get the drywall up for the ceiling by the weekend. I am hiring someone to help me on that since I very little experience with it.

Here are some shots of the completed carpentry.

134-73.jpg 134-74.jpg 134-75.jpg

134-76.jpg 134-77.jpg 134-78.jpg

134-79.jpg 134-80.jpg

Well I have to say that I am exhausted. I finally completed all my demolition work. I was able to remove the ceiling in 2 days and organize all the garbage for pick up. I still need to haul it all off to the dump on Saturday.

Wednesday night I blocked off the leaky joist channels with pressure treated lumber to keep the wasps out. This was the reason for tearing up the kitchen. It was remodeled incorrectly and there seemed to be many problems with up to 4″ holes to the outside. Not too much water damage, but the wood is really dark in many spots. Check out the recessed lighting I installed.

134-60.jpg 134-61.jpg 134-62.jpg

134-63.jpg 134-64.jpg 134-65.jpg

134-66.jpg 134-67.jpg 134-68.jpg

134-69.jpg 134-70.jpg 134-71.jpg


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