March 2008

Some image updates. Next week we have off and will be working on the kitchen. Installing cabinets, flooring, plumbing, then moldings and we are done!

134-123.jpg 134-124.jpg 134-125.jpg

134-126.jpg 134-127.jpg 134-128.jpg

134-129.jpg 134-130.jpg 134-131.jpg

134-132.jpg 134-133.jpg 134-134.jpg

134-135.jpg 134-136.jpg 134-137.jpg

…feel free to help me pay for the TWO new cushions from my sofa.

Yes, this took place in a matter of 2 hours yesterday evening as we stepped out for a quick bite to eat. We were lucky as this was all they got into. There were electrical cords, sharp objects nearby at waist level, and other dangerous things to chew on. Crating a dog is not inhumane, it is a safe place for a dog to rest for a few hours. Don’t believe me, read for yourself. Right from ASPCA. LINK

134-01.jpg 134-02.jpg

Oh, and it’s real nice pulling sofa stuffing out of my dogs a** at 11pm at night. 😛

Nothing really to say here. I laid the HardiBacker flooring substrate on Sunday. Gary is finishing up the wall work and we are going to paint the ceiling tonight. Whoot!

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