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April 2008

Getting close. I am so impatient. I want to wash dishes already! But NNOOOOOOOOO. I have to grout first. Sigh.

134-157.jpg 134-158.jpg 134-159.jpg

134-160.jpg 134-161.jpg 134-162.jpg

The counter tops are in and I installed a disposal and faucet w soap dispenser. Not bad for a Tuesday evening after work.

134-146.jpg 134-147.jpg 134-148.jpg

134-149.jpg 134-150.jpg 134-151.jpg

134-152.jpg 134-153.jpg 134-154.jpg

134-155.jpg 134-156.jpg

I was trying to complete the project and surprise you but you people keep bugging for updates! Here goes. I am trying to tile this week in the 1/2 bath so when our countertops come in we can finish this project!

134-138.jpg 134-139.jpg 134-140.jpg

134-141.jpg 134-142.jpg 134-143.jpg

134-144.jpg 134-145.jpg 134-146.jpg