May 2008

Its been a while since I took some fun pics of my life. Go here .

Yes, I know the fridge looks odd, we are ordering a trim panel for the top gap.

Yes, I know that I have to finish the window, some trim work around the windows.

Yes, I know I need to add baseboard moldings.

Yes, I know I need to install the backspalsh.

I am getting to it as fast as I can! 😉

Just thought I’d post some pics of the before, during and after. I did not have any real Before shots because I hated the kitchen before, but I dug this up when we first saw the house. It was the decor of the original owners.

Before During After

Well it was another productive weekend. Well almost. I had to set aside the kitchen a bit to play with my wife for her birthday and Sunday we played with Evan my nephew for his Birthday. I was able to install the dishwasher, range, and microwave. All needed to have the electrical punched into the panels which was scary but I was able to add 3 more circuits by shutting off the main power. It’s really not that scary, but you just have to be really careful not to touch the main lines because they can kill you.

The gas range needed a 10″ nipple added, a shut-off  and a flex line. The dishwasher needed me to cut in power and all the water/drain lines. I messed up somewhere as the disposal does not operate again. I think the GFCI is bad so I am going to replace it later tonight. I also added the refrigerator power and that is why I needed to get into the panel so I can make the outlet I added live. Finally things are on their own circuit.

After all is said and done, it looks great. I still have not baked the inaugural loaf of bread, but I will be growing up my yeast tonight so I can bake on Saturday. WHoot! Ed is coming over tonight to help me get the fridge in. Whoot. We are almost done. All we need to do is get a new kitchen window, finish up the trim and we are finally done!

Next project : Removing the 15-20lbs from my chest, gut, and neck. 6 months of Crock Pot, Microwave and beer does nothing good for the appearance. Bought new running shoes and tonight begins running season again.

134-169.jpg 134-170.jpg 134-171.jpg

134-172.jpg 134-173.jpg 134-174.jpg

I have successfully removed the first two layers of skin from my fingers. I guess I should have worn gloves.

134-163.jpg 134-164.jpg 134-165.jpg

134-166.jpg 134-167.jpg 134-168.jpg