July 2008

Well the surgery went well. I am obviously typing and uploading a few pics using my left hand. What takes me about 30 seconds is not taking me an afternoon.

My doctor said that I must have had serious capal tunnel since I am not in any real pain other than some discomfort. Shown below is my elbow. There are about 25 staples in my arm. My hand is completely cut open with a 4″ gash and stitched up. Crazy. Next Thursday I get my staples and stitches out. Whoot. I guess I have to go back to work on Monday. Sigh. Recovery for such a valuable tool gets ignored. I refuse to take any pain meds.  I am a hero.

134-01.jpg 134-02.jpg 134-03.jpg

134-04.jpg 134-05.jpg

My right hand.The kitchen is done.

Half bathroom is done.

My newly rebuilt cycle is done. Blah, Blah, blah. Who cares?

Here is the deal. Tomorrow morning I go into a hospital and get a guy along with a team of staff to make a few holes in my wrist and elbow to releave some nerve pressure in my arm. My wrists are toast. My elbow hurts much. I am really upset about this since now I am going to have some new scars (– broken bones heal; SCARS pull chicks.) Whatever. My stomach is in knots, my nerves are shot. Anytime I have to get something done under anesthesia it really discomforts me. I guess the opposite side of this equation is that I could ask to be unanesthetized, but I would assume given that I am a huge baby for doctor inflicted pain (same goes for dentists; sorry) it’s probably for the better.

Someone out there pass me some good vibes. I need it. I’m scared shitless.

I am very happy with this bike. I may lose the seat and get a new one. Bars are a bit poorly wrapped, but its function. Now I am learning how to ride this thing. Fixed gear is crazy weird. Thanks Mike for letting me chop and tear apart your old bike! This fall = PAINT!

134-13.jpg 134-14.jpg

So I forgot to put the rim bands on and within minutes of inflating my new tires, both tubes popped. DUH DAN! Hopefully I can ride tonight. This fall I will be stripping again and painting the bike.

134-08.jpg 134-09.jpg 134-10.jpg

134-11.jpg 134-12.jpg

We were supposed to beach it all day on Sunday but there was a big storm front in the morning and it was still pretty cloudy in the early afternoon. The EPA says not to be in Lake Erie for at least 24 hours after rainfall, especially a storm. The rest of the day was sweltering hot, so we decided to stay at home and get things done. Later we went on a bike ride to the Harp to get some dinner. Great time. I had to ride my trail bike since the new one is still torn apart.

134-01.jpg 134-02.jpg 134-03.jpg





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