August 2008

Today I had the stitches out and that was not so bad. They completely blindsided me on the staples part. They said it was supposed to be a piece of cake, but they completely lied. It was really painful but thank goodness it was not that long. My recovery will be my first normal shower on Sunday which I think I am going to have a little shower party in the morning commemorating my new clean right arm. Then followed by a bunch of stress ball activities, wrist exercises and probably leveling up to 60 in Azeroth. Heh.

Sorry for the pics, this is for me basically to remember this stuff. So don’t go clicking these if you are squeemish.

My rebuilt right hand My rebuilt right elbow


I should have thought about what I wrote yesterday about recovering. I guess I could be terminally ill or have had my hand removed. I am very thankful that I am recovering well. This morning I was a bit icky and of course did not sleep well. I checked out my wound. Here is what I saw.