September 2008

We decided to hit a few wineries in Ohio before the harvest. Next weekend is the big Grape Jam(boree) and it gets pretty packed with people so we usually go to spend time with our family the week before or so. Here are some pics I took with the point n shoot using some fill flash.

Chris Barbian in a chair Chris Barbian in a chair again Chris Barbian standing

Monique and Charisse Chris Barbian and Charrise Barbian DLB and me

Ed sipping!

Many of you may think that I am up to no good these days and you are probably correct. Well, not exactally but I have been up to stuff. I have not been posting much here because I hooked on Facebook. Not a good thing! In the last few weeks I have been recovering from the surgery. Things are going much better than expected. I still can not do a push up to save my life. My right arm and hand is still really sore and hurts from time to time.

I have not been riding my bike as I’ve had to move around the city right after and during work. I know messengers do it, but I can not be sweatly in a meeting and have helmet head. In time. I have been much more active than I have been in a while! I have been running almost 3-5 times a week now. Dreamy is running with me too!! Finally a running partner and she is a hot one too!! We do about 3-4.5 miles every time. This mornign I did 4 miles before work and I feel great. But I especially feel great as I have been spending about 4 hours in a pool every Wednesday learning how to use a SCUBA! I am in class training for my Open Water Certification with PADI. I am so stoked! I was really nearvous at first but I am really enjoying the whole breathing underwater thing. The hardest part is equalizing my ear pressure. Last night I was finally at the bottom of the pool at ground level and it worked finally. Well the hardest part about using a SCUBA is being able to afford the hobby. So expensive!

Next month I get certified and then its off to Yelapa Mexico where I am going to be diving tropical waters with my cousin Chris.

Dreamy in a pink mask

Gearing up for class

We ate at Momocho on Saturday. There were chapulines on the menu so we ordered it. It was pretty good other than the exo-skeleton part.

I start scuba classes tonight. Whoot.

I made more bacon, and gravlox.

I made scallops ala Romesco. Rough weekend… Barley and Stella enjoying their chewies I made more bacon Monique trying on a pink lens Scuba mask

Grasshoppers known as Chapulines; see the head? More Chapulines I made scallops ala Romesco.

Trying on a cap for my scuba class.