January 2009

Meal 01: 1/2c egg whites, 2 t patties, 1/2c flax/wheat cereal + SF syrup, 5oz V8, Green tea

Meal 02: Myoplex Lite bar

Meal 03: 1 slice of ww bread, 6oz lean roast beef, 1tsp lite mayo, 1oz string cheese lite, 6oz v8, 1oz dried blueberries

Meal 04: 2scoops whey + water

Meal 05: Misc:

Workout: KempoX 1 hr

Meal 01: 6 egg whites, 2 T links, Green tea, 2 tomato slices, 5oz v8, 2tbsp yogurt + banana Meal 02: 15 mini rice cakes, 2oz roast beef

Meal 03: Protein bar + water

Meal 04: 1oz dried cherries,  white tea

Meal 05: 6oz grilled chicken, 2c mixed greens, 1/4c broccoli, 1 ww eng muffin w butter spray

Misc: 3oz burbon

Workout: Core Synergistics 1hr (OMFG so awesome. Prison Cell pushups are amazing)

Meal 01: 2oz roast beef, P90X protein bar-mixed berry, water, green tea

Meal 02: 2 scoops whey + water

Meal 03: 3oz grilled chicken, 1c romaine, 1/4c tomatoes, 5 cucumber slices, lite italian (a trace), water

Meal 04: Myoplex bar

Meal 05: Grilled chicken breast, 2 c spinach, 15mini rice cakes

Misc: Hotel room

Workout: Yoga x 1.5hrs

Meal 01: 1/2c Egg B, 3 T bacon, 8oz soy milk, green tea

Meal 02: Myoplex bar + water

Meal 03: 7oz turkey, 1slice ww bread, 1oz mozz, 1tsp mustard, 1c broccoli slaw(low fat mayo+ vinegar)

Meal 04: 15 mini rice cakes, green tea, 1oz dried cherries Meal 05: 7oz grilled chicken breast, 2tbsp ff wing sauce, 2c spinach, 1 rice cake, water Misc: Traveled to Indy Workout: REST DAY!

Meal 01: 1/2c eggs, 1/2c mushrooms, 6oz V8, 1/2Bran Muffin+ 1tbsp SF syrup, 1oz mozz, 1 ww tortilla, green tea

Meal 02: P90X bar + water

Meal 03: 8oz turkey, 4 t Bacons, 1oz mozz, 1c spinach, water + sow-mee tea

Meal 04: Recovery Drink

Meal 05: 8 oz Chicken breast, 1c red cabbage, soy milk, water, sow mee tea, lemon slice

Misc: 3oz single malt

Workout: KempoX 1hr

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