First resolution; I’ve decided to keep my site fresh. I’ve used my website over the years to communicate with my friends and family and allow others to keep in touch. Using Facebook changed that. I seem to notice that my entire life sits on a public site that causes me to waste hours of my time trolling others lives and staying connected.

This is good and bad.

The good part is that I’ve made some new friends or connections that helped me grow spiritually and mentally. I’ve been able to say hello to many old faces at any given time. That part is cool.

The bad part is that its impersonal. I scout through things I want to consume in a news feed. I read text about someone’s life and think it’s keeping me up to date on them instead of picking up the phone or even meeting in person. I’m becoming anti-social. This just has to stop.

My second resolution is stay fresh with friends and family “in person.” Not so difficult.

The next step is to really stay on top of my goals. Last year around this time I realized I needed a life line into a healthier lifestyle or I was going to end up in a coffin– that may be a bit harsh, but not far from the truth. I was eating whatever I wanted when I wanted and consumed way too many calories that were simply not valuable. I made a resolution to myself and my wife that 2009 was going to be the year that I made a lifestyle change.

img_1144.JPGIt worked. Being terrified about growing old and having a life of illness was just too much to deal with that I realized that making this goal was going to stick. I had had enough. Almost one year later, I have been able to reach this resolution to almost ninety percent. The other ten percent I gave up. I lost vision a few weeks out of this year to realize I was heading back down that path. Getting my head and heart of straight was tough for me but the man in the mirror reminded me of what my goals were.

How is it possible that all these years I would make the decision to take better care of myself, but finding that by March I lost vision? Why do I fall short of my goals after only persisting for a few weeks?

I think for me it’s pretty simple, when I set a goal I get excited that change is near and because of not making myself a priority I place things that are not important in front. We all do it. Things that are unimportant like leveling up on a video game, or watching that favorite television show should never get in the way of making yourself a priority. Parents have the hardest time because they have situations like driving the child to soccer practice, a dance recital or even things like grocery shopping. We all have priorities.

Placing these priorities before taking the time to work on your health can really cause harm in your life. The saying goes something like this; “A person that can’t find the time to take care of their health can surely find time for illness.”

Since we know that there is never enough time in the day to get everything we want to accomplish, we need to at least make the time in our schedules for “me.”

Yes, I know, “…but Dan, how can I do this? I have no time!”

Simply–not true. Think of your day as 24 hours. You need at least 8 hours to sleep. Your work day may be 8-10 hours. If you work more than that, then you need to consider a new career. If you are working a 12 hour day, every day of the week I have news for you– you will burn out. I mean really burn out. Unless you love pain, stress, and being overweight; you need to figure out something while you are working. The rest of the time in your day is where you need to evaluate what you are doing. [For me] I found that I had almost 2 hours every night and 1 hour in the morning that I can spare for a workout and proper time to prepare my food for the day.

My workouts are 40 minutes to 1 hour long. On some days I am able to get a 15 minute abdominal workout in on top of that 1 hour.  In the morning I use that 1 hour to prepare my food for the day. Lunch and a few snacks to keep me satisfied throughout the day is not rocket science, it’s clean eating.

This coming year, I am making another resolution. I will focus on the mental health in my life. I plan on cultivating some relationships I may not have been so healthy. I plan on taking the time to listen more. I will preach less and volunteer more. Making this new resolution will not cloud the old one. When we make a resolution, we need to stay focused. Last year’s goals are never in the past. They are there for us to regard as a milestone. If we achieve them, we must stay focused and keep moving forward. My goal of spending the entire year in health and fitness was a success. This doesn’t mean it’s over in 2010. I keep pushing forward, I keep moving on. Sweating, keeping nutritional goals under control and putting my health as a once a day priority.

Remember, if you can not take care of yourself; how can you take care of your loved ones?