Meal 01: (ate out) western omelet (ham, peppers, onions) I think it was 2 eggs, they had no whites or beaters, 2 slices rye toast(asked for dry and they buttered it it was so fattty) 1/8c hash browns they were tasteless and fatty. Conclusion, going out to eat is miserable now. Servers are un accomodating, foods cooked by everyone else is full of salt, fat and calories. Why?

Meal 02: Myoplex Lite bar + Water

Meal 03: missed

Meal 04: 1 ww bun (100 cals), 6oz turkey, 2 t bacon slices, 1 slice provelone (60cals), and 1 tbsp bbq sauce, 2 c spinach, green teaa

Meal 05: 6oz salmon(sockeye), 1c mashed acorn squash w tStock, 1 wasa cracker

Workout: Kempo X (burned 786 caloires) 1 hour + Abs 15 min

Meal 01: 2/3c egg beaters, 4 t bacon, 6oz V8, 12oz soymilk, 1c Fiber one cereal, green tea

Meal 02: EAS Myoplex bar

Meal 03: 6oz turkey, 2c spinach, 5oz lite cheddar, 1pot jasmine tea (green) Meal 04: 2scoops whey+ water Meal 05: 6oz scallops, 2oz shrimp, 2oz ww pasta, 1/2 tomatoes, 3oz parm cheese, 1c mixed greens Misc: 2 Commodore Perry beers 24oz total :\

Workout: Legs and Back 1 hr.

yep. Just a quick “YAY!” Monique have dedicated our lives to a better way of life and we’ve stayed true to it for 45 days so far. Working out every day, eating clean every day. Looking forward to the next 45! Whoot!

Meal 01: 1/2c egg beaters, 3 tbacon, 1c organic bran, 8oz silk, 6oz V8, white tea

Meal 02: EAS MYoplex bar

Meal 03: 1oz almonds, 1oz soy nuts, 3 wasa crackers, 3oz chicken breast, 2c mixed greens, 1oz lite cheese

Meal 04: 2 scoops whey

Meal 05:

Workout: Yoga 1.5hrs

Meal 01: 4t bacon, 3/4eggs, 6oz V8, white tea

Meal 02: EAS Myoplex bar

Meal 03: Stuffed Red pepper (8oz turkey, 8grain mix, red pepper)

Meal 04: Granny smith apple, 1oz almonds, whey protein, 2 wasa crakers Meal 05:  1c green beans, 7oz chix breast

Misc: 6oz gin martini, recovery shake

Workout: Back + Biceps, AbRX 1.5hrs

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